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Texture was weird The sodium content was through the roof. It tasted like I was just eating pure gooey salt! I know a lot of people like this, but it just wan't for me Thankfully, I had purchased the Gardein Turk'y roast as well, and I had that as a back up. Next year, I will go with Gardein! The Shopping Cart is currently empty. Voted Best Online Vegan Store Nexternal Ecommerce by wield. Babies and Children. Bath, Body and Hair Care Products.

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Vegan Egg Alternatives. Vegan Gelatin Substitutes. I might also get something from their seasonal holiday line. Any choice would be a winner! My email is CMOjeda yahoo. I would love the eat pastry been wantimg to tey that for so long. I want to fill my apartment with the smell of vegan cookies. I want to have my meat eating roommates running out of their rooms for some vegan cookies. I'd get an actual Tofurkey roast if the coupon allowed it! Reneecozzolino gmail. It's tough to decide between Tofurky and So Delicious!

If I won the Tofurkey coupon I'd definitely try to get a roast for one of the upcoming holidays. If I won the the So Delicious coupon I'd try one of the seasonal items they have out right now. Thank you for the giveaway! I would love the Tofurkey coupon. My email is pamela yahoo. My first post didn't show up, so I am doing this again. I'm not trying to enter twice in case the first one appears later.

I would love to win the So Delicious coupon. I would buy a pint of the No Sugar Added Chocolate ice cream. EMS aol.


Oh, I would love a So Delicious coupon. I have always wanted to try one of their mini coconut chocolate bars. I would take anything! I'm a school teacher struggling to get by on what I make. The Tofurkey coupon would come in handy the most so we could get something special for Thanksgiving or Christmas. Thank you so much for having this contest! I appreciate it even if I don't win!

SarahJayn gmail. It's my fave ice cream. If those are taken, the cookie dough sounds delicious! I would like to say all coupons but I won't be greedy -- a Coconut Bliss coupon would be neat so that I could use it to try the ice cream bars. Considering my non-stop cooking cravings can't always be squashed because of my gluten intolerance, I would LOVE to holler at that Eat Pastry coupon! I haven't tried the new Artisan Pesto sausages yet So Delicious has out that new coconut whipped topping, so I probably need to get that.

But then again I fly through Tofutti cream cheese, so that would be great as well. I never could make a decision. My email is shannon. First choice: Coconut Bliss for to buy vanilla ice cream yum! Second choice: Tofurkey for to buy delicious deli slices for sammiches. Tofurky because the Italian sausages are like crack to me when dipped in veganaise. I recently got to try their Vanilla Almond Bark ice cream I was already in love with Yours Truly cones and their vanilla pints and it is heaven! Like an almond-extract-flavored dream!

K8radke at gmail. Toffuti so my daughter can get her Tofutti Cuties ice cream, or Tofurkey. I love all of the Tofurkey products! My fiance is a total cookie monster who can devour cookies in seconds, but this year he became vegan so I would like to reward him with a vegan version of his favorite cookie flavor Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip. His birthday is in late November so this would be the perfect birthday treat! D My name is Danielle and you can reach me at danic. Good luck to everyone who enters! I want the Tofurky coupon so I can get the deli slices for my workweek lunches.

I'd get the Eat Pastry GF choc chip cookies. So Delicious - love their ice cream! Stacia at stacia. Totally in love with their deli slices, so I'd def. So delicious ice cream please. It's cold here!

So Delicious so I can get those Candy Corn pops before they disappear! Ooooh, Tofurky!!

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But honestly, I'd be happy with any of them except ZenSoy and Hilary's bc I don't think we have those brands here. I would love a coupon for So Delicious!! Nothing as good and out here in the wilds of N Idaho there is a store that actually carries So Delicious!

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Many thanks, Peggy peggy. I would probably go for the tofurky and try the pockets or eat pastry because who doesn't love cookie dough! My email is jaclynjaclyn yahoo. I would love the coconut bliss coupon! I always salivate over it at the store but I'm on that student budget y'all I would love the eat pastry on! I love the peanut butter chocolate chip cookie dough!

My apologies if this is a double post I'd likely pick Tofurky for the brats or sausages, though to be honest I'd be happy to try any of these products. Eat Pastry would be awesome! I've always seen the cookie doughs and would love to try them out! I'd love to win the Hilary's coupon Waves hand wildly Pick me, pick meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Zen Soy chocolate pudding rocks!

And Coconut Bliss salted carmel ice cream is truly heavenly The Tofurky coupon! Yes, puhlease!!! Some of my fave products!!! Good luck to everyone!!! Any of these that are left would be fantastic! Coconut Bliss I would try the ice cream bars, Hillary's I would try the veggie bites or the stuffing. Eat Pastry I would finally try the cookie dough!

And Tofutti I would try the ricotta or those ice cream cones that look like old-fashioned drumsticks. It's amazing that there are so many great vegan products out there to try these days. Coconut Bliss. Their salted caramel is heaven on earth. I'd like the So Delicious coupon because I'd love to try their new whipped cream.

So I make make a vegan spinach manicotti dish for my family! Mandeex gmail.

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I didn't leave any contact information. I'd love the Coconut Bliss coupon! They make amazingly decadent treats! Coconut Bliss, Dark Chocolate. I would like any of the coupons you have! Surprise me ;- P. I just discovered your blog and I am loving it!