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I used to hate junk mail but now I always have a good rummage through it before I throw it away, you never know what you might find! All couponers love the word overage! This means that the item you have a coupon for is cheaper than the amount on the coupon, so the rest of the money goes towards the rest of your shop! I once emailed Muller yogurt after I brought there Muller corners and found the chocolate balls were all stuck together in one clump. Look out in magazines, newspapers and even on some products for example I recently saw baby rice on clearance for 50p and on the back was 50p coupon.

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You could also use your local library to print them or even an internet cafe if you have one near you. Coupons can be used on items that are on offer or clearance, always check the reduced sections of the shop and also look for half price and buy one get one free offers. If you find a buy one get one free offer and have two coupons you can use 1 coupon for each of the products. If you have loyalty cards you can cut your cost even more and even earn rewards, But make sure you scan your card before your coupons so you get your points from the full cost not the cost after coupons and savings ect..

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It happens to all of us, you plan your whole shop fill your trolley get to the checkout to be told no! They look at you like you are a criminal when all you are doing is trying to save money! This happened to me in Asda a few times but all I did was get out my coupon policy told them to phone Asda head office and then my coupons were accepted. If you are still told no after this then write an e-mail or phone Asda head office, explain what happened and 9 times out of ten they will send you a gift card as a gesture of good will.

Asda coupon policy. Tesco coupon policy. You can buy coupon holders for a few quid off Amazon but I personally just use a cheap photo album I got in a charity shop for 50p. You should always have your coupons in some sort of order like alphabetically or in order of when they expire, whatever works best for you. It just makes it easier to find the ones you need when you are going to pay. I still had loads of ink left after as well! Make sure you always set your printer to black and white or gray-scale so you save more money on your ink.

If you have a coupon friend you could even split the money for the printer and the ink so you can both use it. You may also like 9 Comments lynn says: December 28, at 7: You say print coupons out in black and white, i would not recommend this as most shops think they are photocopies and i have been rejected several times even when i have told them i printed in black and white.

I love that finally some one out side of America is doing this , thank god!!!! I see that your based in the uk, so a quick question how easy would it be to use all this info for Ireland?? On the coupons at asda it says 1 per item. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Tesco YES coupons are accepted. Tesco has a free monthly magazine you can pick up in store. Couponers will stock up with as many as they can carry. The Tesco Orchard is a scheme where Tesco shoppers are sent coupons both for themselves and their friends.

You have to be invited to programmes, but you can increase your chances of being invited by filling out all of the surveys available to you. Find out more information on our Tesco page. Read the official coupon policy here. Aldi and Lidl NO coupons are not accepted. We keep track of all current offers on our Aldi and Lidl pages. Sainsbury's YES coupons are accepted. Remember that each Nectar point is worth 0.

Co-op YES coupons are accepted. Combine all of these offers with your coupons for a triple discount. Morrisons YES coupons are accepted. Waitrose YES coupons are accepted.

Waitrose has its own free newspaper called MyWeekend , and there are often coupons inside. Remember that you can pick up a free tea or coffee with your MyWaitrose card - however you do have to purchase an item to redeem this. Loose fruit such as bananas tend to be the cheapest thing you can buy - so you get get a banana and a coffee for about 10p!

Iceland YES coupons are accepted. Boots YES coupons are accepted. Although not strictly a supermarket, Boots both accepts coupons and dishes out a lot of their own to Advantage Card members, and in the in-store magazine. We once had a coupon for a free chocolate bar that was proving hard to find in supermarkets, but Boots stocked it and accepted the voucher.

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These usually have a long expiry date. Checkout staff are supposed to cancel it out, but they very rarely do. Depending on its terms and conditions you could use these coupons to get loads of items for free. Some people manage to print two by clicking the back button when it says 'printing' but we didn't tell you that.

It sounds weird but you can literally save hundreds doing it, find out more in our wombling guide. Words like "purchase" or "purchase of item" mean you can use one type of coupon for every individual item purchased. Purchase 20 items, use 20 coupons. Stacking Stacking means layering coupons, sales, rebates, and promotions to build the biggest overall discount possible on an individual product. Top Tip for Couponing in The Krazy Coupon Lady App Cut your deal-finding time in half Print coupons straight from your phone Customize deal alerts by product or brand.

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