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When their partnership with us was started they claimed that their passion was for sports development and released a press note about how Kenyan youth-teams would be visiting St Marys; I dont think this has ever happened and we're now into the last year of the contract. I think people are more referring to the various issues around human rights, freedom of the press and the abuse of migrant labour that are prevelant in the UAE. Yeah, I guessed that but I do find it a bit hypocritical. Many people, especially Brits, have no problem using one of the Gulf carriers to go on holiday which I partially can understand as BA is pretty garbage , heck some even travel to Dubai and spend heaps of money there.

I also haven't seen much of an outrage from the fans when the boards of the respective clubs announced their sponsor. And I'm not even talking about the gov't, and the lack of public resistance against said gov't, which likes to invite rich Emiratis to buy property "invest" in London and have no issue supplying them with weapons or closing their eyes when the Saudi-UAE coalition violates human rights and int. Totally not dodgy. They are by far the least dodgy of the list.

There is absolutly 0 doubt from where the money comes from. You may hate the oil and gas industry, but you know that this money is the most tractable. How's that? How can you ensure their money doesn't come from deals with terrorism, slavery, money washing, I think a public company like Chevrolet or SC are easier to track. They must make public their figures, have public audits, General Motors are hardly in a position to start throwing stones at other people's greenhouses. General Motors paid compensation for deaths linked to the faulty switches.

Premier League 2018/19 commercial guide: Every club, every sponsor

The gambling ones baffle me. I will forever hold a soft spot in my heart for standard charterd cause i landed in india during demonetization in and that was the only bank i could get money out of, and not just a little bit but enough to sort me out for a week. Also they're on our shirts. Go read about demonetization and what that was like.

How long do we have to wait till they ban gambling ads like F1 banned cigarette advertisers.

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Carlsberg and Newcastle Pale Ale are the last two I remember. If I believe rightly 8 is a lucky number and therefore 88 doubly so in China, hence why there's 3 betting companies all sponsoring premiership teams with 88 in their name. Here in the States, "88" has a completely different meaning, so I'm glad there's an explanation for why three shirt sponsors have that in their name. I miss our Fly Virgin to LA sponsor.

What a kit. Overall is doing great in the main indicators growth, unemployment etc. Still, we have a huge debt. The glory days were sponsorship by snacks , lollipops , kid's toys , and local garden centres. The problem is, those parts of the industry dont have the amount of spare money to spend on advertisement in such a small sector, sadly. I quite liked are football manager main shirt sponsor from a few years back even if they did steal are happy egg sponsor that looked good Even though I'm a Spurs fan, I love playing video games and Arsenal used to have a really cool sponsor with the Sega Dreamcast, but I was too young to remember football back then but I do love me some history.

We need more tech sponsors instead of obscure betting companies - Imagine Spurs and Sony, or heck the Nintendo Switch why not?? Neither was O2 either. Yous had those nice Sega sponsors. It showed how much Barcelona didn't need sponsorship until now. But I don't really mind because it's today's world. Wasn't it rumoured that the main reason they got Unicef in was for them to be a stopgap to a regular shirt sponsor. Fans would kick off if they suddenly got in a dodgy middle Eastern sponsorship, but who can get angry about having one of the world's biggest charities, then you change that to "Qatar Foundation" where Barca are actually getting money back, then you can do what you want after that.

Then the following year they didn't mention any donation but because people already used to paying they didn't complain. Lottery was originally promoted as way to increase education funding, for example. That UNICEF "sponsorship" was just a way to get people to get on board for shirt sponsorship for the first time in Barcelona's history. Well, that and the fact that they never had a sponsor up until that point For comparison Real had their first in While both alcohol and gambling can become life ruining addictions, there's just something really off-putting about betting websites plastered across the chests of almost half the teams in the league.

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The country's already full of pissheads, alcohol advertising wasn't going to change that. Always thought this! If you watch a game on TV being played at Stoke, it goes something like this at half time Pretty sure I read there are 17 clubs with betting company sponsors in the Championship next season.

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And 5 of them are with 32 Red. They can pretty much do anything they want at the moment. They couldn't put the sponsor's full name for UCL too, so they become "bwin". Do you have a similar opinion of CoinDeal a crypto company being Wolves sleeve sponsor?

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Investing in cryptocurrency is really not a lot different from gambling. Cryptocurrencies are in itself not a gamble or investment, if you purchase them and use them for what they are designed for. Part of the problem is that the web has made it a lot cheaper for companies to advertise. As a business you can invest your advertising spending very wide with online, social media, etc very cheaply.

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Gambling companies are generally banned from that form of advertising. Whilst most of the "non-dodgy" advertisers can move their advertising away from sport, it leaves a space for the online bookies and casinos to move into. It makes sense though. If everything's happening as expected, Spurs and the clubs above them play internationally every year, exposing the product to a much bigger audience than just PL viewers.

And the occasional Everton and Burnley reaching EL usually don't make it far enough to justify a higher sponsor fee. Why is it shocking?

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Outside of their fans, there's not really anyone watching the EPL for most teams. The big clubs are what make the game. You could easily replace half the league with league two clubs and it wouldn't make a difference to the worldwide audience. Unfortunately this is true. There are about four teams who have built up an international fanbase since the EPL went global about fifteen years ago and those are the old school big four of UTD, Liverpool Arsenal and Chelsea. Spurs and City sit on the edge slowly growing a fanbase with their recent surge up the table and into the latter stages of competitions.

The ability for growth in the fanbase of English teams stalled when we stopped being the dominant league in European football around Premiere League shirt sponsorship is still highly undervalued, and I think the medium-to-small teams haven't yet figured out how to sell that space effectively, allowing sponsors to say "well you're not in UCL so here's 5M for a season.

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A persistent advert on a "small" PL club's shirt for an entire season, including matches where they play against some of the biggest clubs in the world ought to be worth a lot. A 1-season sponsorship in the PL turns any brand into one of the most recognized brands. Nike once again supplies four Premier League teams: English manufacturer Umbro has four teams in their portfolio, one more than last season: New Balance and Under Armour each sponsor one team.

Gambling companies remain a favourite partner for clubs when it comes to shirt sponsorships. Nine out of 20 Premier League clubs will feature a gambling company on the front of their shirts this season. That is one more than last year. Two of the three clubs that were promoted have a gambling shirt sponsor. Burnley switched from one gambling sponsor Dafabet to another Laba this year.

It is notable that none of the traditional top 6 has a betting or gambling logo on their shirtfronts. VideoDoc , K8. Who knew 15 was a landmark? Dongqiudi, value unreported, length unreported. Rovio , value unreported, length unreported. Everton announced a leadership team shake-up back in June. Moving into their new Royal Liver Building headquarters last month, the new team of nine executive directors will be responsible for the day-to-day operations across the club.

Sasha Ryazantsev is now heading up the commercial and financial team. ICM Capital. Umbro , value unreported, expires Leisu Sports , value unreported, length unreported. The club are operating the Huddersfield Hundred — a scheme focused on securing commercial partnership deals per season between businesses and the club.