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Monthly payment plans are available, too.

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There is a Costco on Palomar Airport Road right next to the park. Discounted tickets are often available on costco. Right now, there is an offer for 3-month ticket for less than the price of a 1-day park hopper pass. The Sheraton even has a private entrance to the park. People visiting San Diego who plan to visit a number of major attractions in one trip should consider a Go San Diego Card. Go online and fill out the form. Part of getting a good deal on something is getting out of it all that you hope an imagine.

The park hours are currently on the weekdays with later closing times on the weekends and during school vacations.

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Do not expect the high tech speed of a Disney park. We rarely go on many rides in one day, but again, Legoland is very relaxed, especially if you go in the off-season during the week. Legoland is rife with ride restrictions. There are height as well as age requirements on the rides. All these things slow down the ride — they interrogate children as to their ages — and make it difficult for families with many small children to go on rides. Moving from ride to ride is pretty slow going, so make sure you hit your favorites first. My kids love to be able to drive. They all love the Beetle Bounce.

The boys particularly love the Project X roller coaster. If your kids have some high-priority rides, go on those first. There are many things to do at Legoland that you can do elsewhere, like carnival games, mini golf, and a climbing wall. Not only do these things cost extra, but they are attractions that you can do somewhere else, most likely for cheaper.

There are lots of restful places throughout Legoland. That is one of its beauties. Unless you go during Brick-or-Treat. The miniland is another fun space to walk through, particularly for Lego Maniacs of all ages. Seriously, grown men geek out in here. Legoland really is a quaint amusement park. However, if you plan well, you can have a great day and not go into hock. I am wondering if anyone has also visited one of the Lego Discovery Centers? One just opened in Boston and it looks like there are several around the country. It was a great first Legoland like experience.

My boys were 7 and 4 when we went. We sent about 2. It was a fun but expensive outing. We probably will only go back once a year.

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We have visited Lego Discovery in Atlanta. The master builders we have had during the classes, which are included in your ticket price, have all been super patient, very informed and encouraging to both my boys. My wrap up definitely worth the cost — hope you have a great experience too!

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We visited the Discovery Center in Boston this past March. My kids are 5 and 7 and they loved it. Be prepared to get a time to come back later in the day as they often sell out on weekends. We were there when they opened at 10 and our tickets were for 1 pm. We ended up going back to the Science Museum for a little while before heading back to the Lego Discovery Center.

All in all though, it was a fun afternoon! I bought season tickets to Magic Springs Amusement and Waterpark. I plan on camping at nearby Degray Lake. Fortunately, we love tent camping which is very cheap and even free in some spots on the lake with nearby bathrooms and showers. I plan on making a couple of weekends of it and even take a week vacation over there at the lake. So we can hit Magic Springs a bunch.

When traveling I always research where the good camping spots are. Most even have showers.

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Our tents are tiny and we can throw them up in a minute or two. Some comfy lawn chairs. It is important to have a good mattress, and as long as the weather is mild it is sooo….. Thanks for adding that to the conversation! We are planning a trip this summer, and are going to camp at Campland — which sounds totally National Lampoony—: We loved Legoland when my kids were younger. I think their age range is just about right — my son was a little bored when he was Apple fries are delicious — that was always our end of day snack.

The kids loved the rides and particularly the activities we all could do together fire brigade, building cars and racing them, that Egyptian ride where you use laser guns to hit targets. It took us two days the first time we went, but once we knew what our must-dos were we were able to do it in a long day. Being so close to so many theme parks is something I really miss about living in Southern California.

The only big name park close enough to me now is Six Flags over Georgia. Florida is closer but California is home to me. My kids loved the water play area and I think we could have spent half the day there. You can get quite refreshed at the regular park splash pad. I recently bought my child a small set of Legos at the store Five Below.

And we like to go left in the park too. Thank you for the tips. About snacks, are they allowed inside the theme park? Thought no outside food.

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I love the picnic idea. I am not sure, actually. When we eat our lunches, we go to the lawn area out front outside the park but my kids carry snacks in their fanny packs.

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  6. We live a couple hours from Legoland Florida. My wife and I get free Awesomer passes because I am a teacher, and she is a coach have to have a certification and pay stub. Also, there are discounted deals on Awesomer passes for the kids around Black Friday and Memorial Day.

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    I see that Legoland does not allow outside food in the park… Can you go out to the car to picnic and then re-enter? Is that how you did it? What about the fanny packs? Were those allowed in the park with snacks? It would seem that amusement park policy is subject to change on this. I know that in the past we have taken in snacks, particularly for toddlers, etc. For full meals, we leave a cooler in the car and go picnic on the grass outside the entrance. Legoland does allow outside food and drinks as well as coolers.

    I was there less than a week ago. It really depends on the day and who is letting you in. Their website has very specific guidelines here. Your mileage may vary. This article was insanely helpful!!!! We are coming from Chicago for a visit and this gave me insight into so many questions that I had. Remember your mileage may vary. Have a great trip! My daughter worked there a couple of summers ago, so we were able to get in for free that summer! We also like to bring in our own snacks and also some small things to go with our lunch, like chips and yogurt.

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